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"JR Enterprises is Apparel and Clothing, Sports Wear, Fitness Wear, Martial Arts, Active Wear, Leather Wear, Jackets, Gloves, MMA Gear, and Urban Streetwear manufacturing company located in Sialkot Pakistan, founded by Muhammad Razzaq Aslam in 2002. Since then it has embarked on an ambitious program to expand, modernize and upgrade its infrastructure, equipment, and services to increase its efficiency, reliability, and competitiveness. We have over 20 years of experience in the garment manufacturing industry and now are keen on helping others succeed too. A highly skilled and enthusiastic workforce strives for nothing short of excellence in production, quality, and service."

JR Men’s Pro-Style Kickboxing Muay Thai MMA Training Gym Clothing Shorts Boxing Trunks



Ultra lightweight and very durable men’s boxing shorts. They are among the lightest in their class. Made from satin – a very pleasant material, very popular for its comfort and the depth of shimmering colours it gives off when dyed. Created for men who are fussiest when it comes to comfort during exercise.

  • made of soft and breathable material. specially woven polyester fibres wick away moisture and regulate body temperature optimally
  • has a sophisticated thermoregulation system, which makes the body dry and the muscles remain warm, while maintaining a pleasant feeling of coolness
  • resistant to stretching, resistant to deformation, does not restrict movement
  • elastic waistband for a perfect fit
  • the reliable 2 way-stretch system prevents deformation and works in accordance with the body’s anatomy
  • easy to wash and does not require ironing
  • can be recycled
  • colored with sublimation technology (the print will not be damaged)
  • quick-drying material supports hygiene and avoids odor

Boxing Shorts

Product details

Fabric type:  Polyester/Mesh
Care instructions:  Machine Wash
Origin:   Imported
Closure type:【Closure type】Velcro+Drawstring

About this item

  • 【Double Secure】Velcro plus Drawstring to keep shorts secure in your waist. Designed for the user to have the full range of comfortable movements
  • 【Anti-Tear】 Tear-resistant microfiber fabric provides the strongest hold on the product, try the limit of the product and worry nothing to do any action
  • 【Multi-Use】 The Cross Training Shorts is able to perform in a variety of martial arts and sports such as NO-GI BJJ, MMA, MUAY THAI, BOXING, KRAV MAGA, KICKBOXING, & UFC. Some wore our products for water sports as well
  • 【Lightweight & Quickdry】 You won’t feel burdened by the product itself as it dries fast to gradually brings the sweat out from it
  • 【Optimize the Pattern】Sublimated print prevents any sort of color, logo peeling; it’s all embedded into the fabric to ensure the fastness

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